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Maximum protected cryptocurrency exchange

Our handy service is designed for secure exchanges. All transactions have the highest level of protection.

Reliable exchange

Our service provides only reliable operation - we guarantee the quality. We support more than 10 000 currency pairs and the list is constantly growing. Pick the one you like.

Limitless Exchanges

You have all the freedom in the world — start with less than $2 in your favorite coin. You don't have to worry about any upper limits — swap as much crypto in one go as you want..

Instant Crypto Exchange

Our service is built for simplicity and superspeed — we exchange crypto in 2 minutes on average. We handle everything complicated so that you can spend your time on what matters. No registration. No hidden fees. No surprises.

Honesty Above All

You no longer have to worry about picking the best exchange rate. We work with multiple cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchange partners to guarantee the best rates to our clients.

Account-free – as always!

All our users do not have to worry about the safety of their personal data – we do not ask you to create an account at all.